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Most of us, at some point in our lives, are hoping and maybe praying for a miracle. A sick loved one. Our marriage. A beloved child in trouble at school or with the law. Freedom from our fears, frets, and addictions.

Often, we agonize and beg more than actually pray and hope. Perhaps, we do some special spiritual ritual seeking such a miracle. In Acts chapter 8, the Eunuch, traveled all the way from Ethiopia to Jerusalem seeking at the very least understanding, if not a downright miracle.

The interesting thing is that there’s no mention in the story of anything of import or significance occurring in the “Holy Place” of worship where he went seeking. Instead, the “Wow” happened on an ordinary road as he headed home.
God had heard his prayers and worship so he sent Phillip to walk that same road, find a chariot and stay very near. Phillip “happened” to overhear the Eunuch reading scripture aloud. Phillip ran to him and asked, “Do you understand what you are reading?”.

The Eunuch was honest and admitted that he understood a scant amount of scripture. Phillip was delighted to “walk a mile” with him, giving him the longed for companionship and insight.

That’s the way it goes. Miracles don’t happen because of our herculean efforts. Those things are our hard-earned achievements. Miracles on the other hand, happen because God breaks through. Then, we are able to see the holy in the ordinary.

I often wonder how many times Moses had walked right past that burning bush but was looking for something else, rather than what appeared to be an ordinary bush. But there it was—God in some little bush set afire—and Moses finally saw.
Pray. Take your journeys when you feel you must. But most of all, be ever-present watchful for the holy in the ordinary.,

Love, your sister along the journey,

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