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Kimberly was an average American churchgoer, wife, and mother—until she dared to ask God His dreams for her life. Traveling around the world and deep into the darkness of her own heart, Kimberly’s worst fears collided with her faith as she and her family discovered the atrocities of human trafficking. But it was in that broken place that a self-centered life was transformed …

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Original Beauty

What is Original Beauty?

Original Beauty comes straight from Genesis’ account of creation. In this story, we learn that sin is not original—not even Adam and Eve’s. The first we hear of sin wasn’t even from a human thought or word. It was from the serpent, postulating a lie and manipulating Eve.
With each passing day of creation, God pronounced his work as “good”, that is until he created Man and Woman. This is the first time he pronounced his work as very good.
They were naked and fearless. They longed for nor squirreled away for nothing. Then something lied to them, and they were manipulated into being lured away from what was truly original: their beauty, their deep life-sustaining connection with God, their creator, by longing—set off by a lie—for Something Else.
When do I first recall feeling like there must be more to life than the one I’m living? (Hint: that’s your first clue that “something” convinced you to listen to “it” rather than that still small voice within.)
Cultural expectations?
A great opportunity for achievement and success?
A longing for approval?
Family pressure?
Who or what community can I now trust to encourage me along this counter-intuitive journey to the Home of me?
WE ALL HAVE A STORY. Let’s explore them together, and find our way Home to our Original Beauty. It’s never too late to go home.

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