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“Radical Self-Care Changes Everything.”
Anne Lamott
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Kimberly is the first Christian in her family. Eventually, all seven of her siblings and both her parents became Believers. She was then, at age eleven, and continues to be to this day a seeker, questioner, advocate, student of life, adventurer, and one who is passionate to help others reconnect with their Original Beauty. That spark that God dreamed of as He knit us in our mother’s womb.

As a young woman, Kimberly sought a career in corporate America, where she quickly became quite successful. However, after a few years, she grew restless, unable to sleep as one question continually haunted her, “Isn’t there more?”

She believed there had to be more than making a living and acquiring bigger, better, and more stuff. And, she wanted more for her three beautiful young daughters than to just be pretty cheerleaders and date guys with cool cars. Eventually, she found her passion in fighting human trafficking in Europe and Africa, and in advocacy for the oppressed and traumatized.

In part, her passion for helping others comes from having to fight to find this Original Beauty for herself. Experiencing sexual abuse as a child, then again by her youth pastor, who had first introduced her to Christ, and ultimately surviving three assaults on the cusp of Darfur, Sudan, where she served as a missionary, left many pocks upon her heart which bled over into her life choices. Perhaps, though, the greatest trauma was being abandoned by her husband of 26 years shortly after a mass rape in Darfur, Sudan. To see a video sharing more of Kimberly’s story from Darfur, Click Here.

For a time, Kimberly turned to alcohol to numb so much pain and confusion. Confusion about God—did He care, but was impotent to protect her, or did He just not care? These were tough questions, and many Christians condemned her and thought of her as an outcast for daring to ask them. Still, something in Kimberly knew that only through being vulnerable enough to be honest about her doubt, confusion, and anger could she ever have a relationship of depth with her God.

Through the help of a highly specialized trauma therapist, Dr. Beau Armistead, the healing love of her ponies, a beautiful, Christian recovery program called New Life Ministries, and a family that simply refused to give up on her, Kimberly found healing, and day-by-day leans more deeply into God’s original dream of her.

Today, Kimberly continues to share her story of both suffering and healing around the world in hopes of encouraging others to practice radical self-care, knowing at first that may mean being honest enough to walk straight into the darkest interior places of herself. Self-care is no easy trick. For many of us, including Kimberly, it’s a hard-won acquired skill that’s often messy and never linear. Kimberly still counts herself an infant in this regard, but is building a network of fellow radicals.

Kimberly lives in Alabama where she is the human belonging to two horses, Chief and Rusty the True, and ever faithful Lily, a Black English Lab who found her one cold winter morning and has never left her side since.

Just ask the animals and they will teach you Job 12:7a

For support to lean into your own story and/or experience equine-facilitated growth and healing with Kimberly—with or without the help of her beloved ponies — Click here.

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