As we rediscover our Original Beauty—who God created us to be—we look upon the brokenness of others with greater compassion. We become Compassionate Witnesses to the world.

When we acknowledge we could not have come to this place of healing and wholeness without the help of others, a desire to pass that gift along and participate in the healing of others swells within us.

I recognize that without a faithful few friends and wise, compassionate counsel, I may never have considered walking a healing journey, or that such a path was even possible for me. Thus, I have made a commitment that 10% of all profit I am blessed with will go to Sojourn Counseling to help others rediscover their Original Beauty.

Sojourn Counseling is part of a broad network that can make referrals and help those in need across the United States.

If you have received help along your own journey, please consider donating to Sojourn in order to help others receive healing and wholeness as well.

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