Resources for Crafting a Life

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“…treating [ourselves and] other people like peepholes into God…” even when we think neither we nor they deserve it.”

~Barbara Brown Taylor

Kimberly is an Equine-Facilitated Life Coach and Spiritual Director. She offers personalized help—with or without the aid of her beloved ponies—via in-person, phone, or Zoom appointments. Click on the button below to book a private session with Kimberly.

Kimberly also leads highly interactive group retreats, helping many to find the deepest meaning in their lives through reconnecting with their Original Beauty—what God dreamt of us as He knit us in our mother’s womb. Click here to Request More Information about how to invite Kimberly to lead a retreat in your area.

Kimberly also facilitates a FREE Zoom meeting each Thursday at 11am CST, crafting a safe place for many to dig deeper into their life story, work through the “stuck” places in their current life, and rediscover the original beauty that God desires for them.

For Trauma: Sojourn Counseling, Dr Beau Armistead.

The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology can refer a highly skilled counselor near you.

For Recovery of any kind from drugs or alcohol to sexual abuse, to grieving a broken marriage or loss of a loved one: New Life Ministries (

For Equine Training for both lay and practitioners: Natural Lifemanship (

For books you can count on for continued spiritual and personal growth and healing:

The Body Keeps the Score by: Bessel van der Kolk
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by: Maya Angelou
Wouldn’t Take Nothing for the Journey Now by: Maya Angelou
Recovering Communion in a Violent World by: Christopher Grundy
Anything by Frederick Buechner
How to Take Your Life Back by: Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop
Anything by Anne Lamott
Wounded Heart by: Dan B. Allender
Redeeming Love by: Francine Rivers
Faith After Doubt by: Brian McLaren
Learning to Walk in the Dark (free on Kindle) by: Barbara Brown Taylor

Go to: for more information or to book a private session