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The Menagerie of Me

Once as I participated in a small group geared toward leaning into your story, led by Dr. Dan Allender, these words came tumbling out of my mouth, “In the menagerie of me there are three pillars holding up my Big Top.”.

Without having given any of this previous thought, I went on to describe who those three pillars were. After the session, I felt both mystified by what poured out of my unconscious and greatly encouraged that being held closely in a small, safe, intimate community makes room for healing and growth. It also opened my eyes to the many wild things within that I’d tried the whole of my life to keep caged.

This one-week encounter with Dr. Allender and four other courageous women is part of my very long journey of steeping my desire to develop such healing and empowering communities around the world, helping others to not only heal but find their mission in life…their original beauty.

As you consider the original dream God held of you as he knit you in your mother’s womb, please remember that it does not have to be necessarily religious or worldly spectacular. It may appear simple, but it’s what makes you feel fully alive.

It’s embedded in two things: something the world needs and something that makes your heart sing. It could be rug making. It could be dog sitting. It could be tree planting. Or…

For a horse, his beauty and joy are in running free, frolicking, and playing. His priorities are first to be safe, second to have a deep connection with his herd, and third to have enough to eat. All three must be in place before he can frolic and play.

We might be tempted to think, “To frolic and play is no great mission in life.” But wait! Think of how much joy his beauty and freedom bring the world as we watch these amazing creatures.

“When you make the world a better place in ANY way, you make the world a better place in EVERY way.”

~ From “Amazing Grace” The true life story of William Wilberforce

I am for you if you’d like help in discovering that dream, how to walk into it, and developing deep connections with other sojourners. Click here to schedule your free initial consultation.

Love, your sister along the journey,

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