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“Before we can forget, we must first remember.”
From: News from the World

Part Two of Two: The Body Remembers Series


There is an ancient myth from Eastern Europe called “La Loba”, meaning “She-Wolf”. In this story, an old crone of a thing scavenges through the dark forest searching for bones.

When she finally finds “enough” bones, she begins to sing over them. They respond to her attention by reassembling themselves. Slowly by slowly, flesh and fur sprawl across the carcass. As the old crone continues to sing over the creature, it takes a deep breath, the first one in a long, long time. Suddenly it jumps up and begins to run free. As the creature runs free, it begins to remember that this is what life looks like, and that simple remembering allows the creature to return to its original beautiful human state.

This is how we, too, heal. Parts of us that either we, our families, society, abusers, and even the church have relegated as bad bones, get cast off, lost in the dark woods, and become dry, brittle, and lifeless. It is our life’s work to sift through those woods and pick up the bones.

It takes just sitting with them. Mustering the courage to remember how they first got lost. We may need to grieve a spell before we can sing over them, but the tears themselves will help to open our eyes and mouth.

Two things are important for me to mention here. First, take note that it is an old crone—not a naïve, young one—who searches for the bones. Age in numbers is not important, even a teenager can brave the woods. What is important if we are to stay the journey is that we call on an inner courage and wisdom to succeed in recovering our original beauty.

Second, there are parts of the journey that we must trek alone, for the most part, this is the putting of our feet upon the soil of our souls, and mustering the courage to take one step at a time. However, it is also very important to know that we need support, whether that be a professional counselor, spiritual director, trusted friend, or support group is up to each of us to decide what feels safe.

Our weekly FREE zoom meeting “From Surviving to Thriving” is an intimate group of people from around the world who are on just such a journey. It is an authentic group that welcomes all. We meet each Thursday at 11 a.m. Central. Below is the login information.

May your bone gathering go well!

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