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A few days ago John and I were driving down a twisty road, just chatting and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Conversation began light, and although it was not intentional, we soon found ourselves immersed in much deeper matters of substance. Questions of life: faith, family, friends, and vocation.

Images of James Lual Atak flooded my mind, and a smile spread across my face. John asked, “What are you thinking about?”.

“I just realized that we are now having a Proper Chat.” I answered.
John, “A what?”.

“Any time James Lual Atak and I were sitting together in the desert of Darfur, trying to sort out what he called the “sirrious” issues, he would say, ‘Ah! Now, we are having a Proper Chat.’.”

This would make us both laugh and lighten a bit of the weight from the loaded topic de jour. Because of this, I started devoting one of my blogs each week, or at least on a regular basis, to a topic worthy of a Proper Chat.

Many who read the Proper Chat blogs would request topics of discussion to consider. I’d choose one each week, do some research around it, write a short intro about it, and then open the “floor” to comments, struggles, insights, and actions that the community-driven “conversations” would incite.

We had so much fun doing this—and learned so much from each other—that I’ve decided to reignite the Proper Chat blogs. I’ll post them each Thursday at and you can comment there on the posts—giving us all something to consider or pray about as we listen to one another.

I’d like to begin by hearing from you! What topics would you like to discuss as a community? No topic is off-limits. It can be anything from marriage to murder, from war to theological questions, from genocide to covid, from addictions to recovery, from public leaders to authors/books, from friendships to betrayal. Literally, no topic is off-limits.

Once I choose from your requests, I’ll do some research, offer some professional resources outside of myself on the topic, post a short blog each Thursday, and the discussions can flow from there.

I also host a free Zoom each week at 11CT where some of these topics can be discussed among us in a live format.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and topic suggestions! If you’re more comfortable contacting me directly, rather than through public comment, you can reach me by clicking here.

Love, your sister along the journey,

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