How much would you invest to help someone to find the joy of God’s unique plan for their lives? $1,000? $500? How about $10? In Passport through Darkness Kimberly shares her personal and marital failures, and the compelling story of God using those very struggles to reveal His purpose for her life. Passport through Darkness will inspire and equip you to launch your own journey into the unique dream God has just for you. I encourage you to not only read it, but buy 5 or even 10 copies, giving one to every person you care about.

Pastor Kim Ryan

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“Let me tell you the sequence of events of reading her book. I met Kimberly in my small group. I knew only a few hazy portions of her story. I had not read her book. But what I met in that group was a passionate, brilliant, sensitive and wild woman who had had more than a few experiences of taking on or at least encountering strong, opinionated Christian male leaders. It would be unethical to tell a single iota of the time with her and the other three. But suffice it to say, she knows her story—up to a point. And when we reached the point where it would cost her dearly to name and enter domains of heartache that seemed too severe to suffer, she entered that dark realm with eyes blazing (at me) and mostly at the evil one. She is a warrior who simply will not forsake the call to destroy all forms of darkness. She is a prophetess who will not settle for truth for others and a form of livable truth for her self. To be in the group was to watch a valiant woman take on evil and come out dirty, bloody and triumphant.

And then I read her book on the flight home. I began weeping in the first half hour and I was mesmerized and captured for 5 hours straight. The book haunted me. Click Here to read the full blog post on Passport through Darkness.

Dr. Dan Allender

Author of To Be Told and Founding President of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology


Kimberly voluntarily walks through the gates of hell. If you can read her accounts without being affected, you should check for a pulse.

Philip Yancey

Author of What Good is God? and What’s So Amazing about Grace


I appreciate your efforts and those of Make Way Partners to rescue and care for the orphans of Sudan. I respect the ministry you lead and the fact that it cares equally for all children, whether Christian, Muslim, African, or Arab. By eliminating the divisors of religion and skin color you exemplify Christian peacemaking.

Jimmy Carter

Former US president and founder of The Carter Center


What you read in this book will be used of God to motivate you to action on behalf of vulnerable children around the world. In the process, as you walk with Kimberly, you may also find perspective, forgiveness and healing in your own life. May God use His servant’s story to His glory. Not only Kimberly’s, but yours and mine.

Randy Alcorn

Bestselling author of Heaven and If God is Good


I recently finished reading your book Kimberly.  Wow!  I have heard the bits and pieces through the years, but to read them from beginning to present made me aware in a new way of how big this work really is.  I am so greatful and we intend to continue our support, God willing, all of our days.  I am going to buy 10 more copies of the book, put a letter in it asking friends to consider supporting the ministry and give them out.  I will ask those to pass the book on to someone else who may want the opportunity to be a part of something so incredible! …Hebrews 10:24

Michele Smith

Make Way Partners supporter


In the song Amazing Grace, the songwriter rejoices that he was once blind but now he sees. Because of some horrific, dangerous, and miraculous experiences, Kimberly is definitely seeing the world with new eyes. As she struggles to help orphan and rape victims survive, she goes deep inside places that most Westerners barely glimpse on the evening news. But Kimberly proves that once your eyes have been opened you can never be the same again. This book will surely open your eyes to the plight that befalls women and children around the world, but more than that it provides evidence that in the midst of suffering is where you truly discover God and His greatness.

Dr. Tom White

Executive director of Voice of the Martyrs-USA


Angelina Jolie she’s not. She’s not a martial arts expert or a small-arms expert or an expert in—well—anything. She has no classified files in her past, no shadowy back story in special ops, and her only brush with international intrigue was once squinting in a dark theater at the subtitles of a foreign film. She is, in fact, a soft-spoken southern woman with fair skin prone to burning and red hair prone to frizzing. Hardly a casting director’s dream for the role in the story you are about to read: she’s far too uncomfortable as a leading lady, far too unsure of herself, far too tormented by her inner fears. However, she was God’s dream for the role. I recently read a book on story, where the author said that the greatest stories aren’t about undaunted characters who overcome their greatest foes but about unlikely characters who overcome their greatest fears. Kimberly is one of those characters. And this is one of those stories.

Ken Gire

Author of Moments with the Savior, Windows of the Soul, and The North Face of God


This is more than a well-written, powerful, and inspiring story. It is a change agent that will impact the way you see abused and abandoned children. More importantly, the author allows you to look beyond individual heroic acts of ministry and see the spiritual journey of a soul who has an emerging passion for God. It is not only a telescope that shows you what is occurring in the Sudan but also a microscope that will help you look into your own heart. This book is contagious.

Dr. Gary Fenton

Senior pastor, Dawson Family of Faith and Dawson Memorial Baptist Church


What I love about this book is that it’s a real-life story that’s filled with credibility from a friend. It isn’t an idea—it’s a reality. Read this and then do it.

Dr. Bob Roberts, Jr.

Senior pastor, NorthWood Church


Kimberly has seen the desperation and powerlessness of people caught up in the struggle for life and survival. Her experiences in Darfur bring home the brutality and pain of those who suffer and the indifference of the world beyond. Yet the central message of this book is not despair, but hope. It is a powerful reminder that God forgives and renews and that His love stretches into the most hopeless situation in life and draws us into truth.

Dr. Elaine Storkey

Author, broadcaster, president of Tearfund, and ambassador for Restored


A literary treasure … this book will shock intrigue you, and open your eyes to consider more courageous avenues in serving God and suffering humankind than ever before. Kimberly weaves her story of ultimate human love, hate, and forgiveness balanced between home and hell. She risks all to give voice to victims of unimaginable cruelty, and in doing so, she exposes herself to that same darkness.

Linda C. Fuller Degelmann

Cofounder of Habitat for Humanity International and the Fuller Center for Housing


Kimberly has been a Mother Teresa to the people of Sudan. She rescues suffering girls and lost boys forgotten by everyone but God.

Greg Garrison

Reporter for The Birmingham News


Passport through Darkness is the extraordinary life journey of Kimberly Smith Highland, an incredible woman with a passion to accomplish the unimagineable! And she succeeds! An amazing story and inspiring read.

Denise George

Speaker and author of twenty-five books, including The Secret Holocaust Diaries


I dare you to read this book! You will be wrecked by God’s call, humanity’s cry, and a subsequent move to action. The honesty and gravity of this book will bring personal healing, compassion, and a calibration of heart. This book has become recommended reading for our students and workers in the nations.

Riaan Heyns

Pastor of Global Ministries, New Life Church


If I didn’t know Kimberly well, I would have thought she was writing fiction.Passport through Darkness is real, raw, full of vulnerability—and is infused with much hope and love. But I do know Kimberly well and I know that she has experienced the darkest sides of humanity—and the brightest piercings of the light of God’s redemptive love. Reading this book will propel us all beyond our self-imposed boundaries, to the ultimate risk of finding and following Christ’s call for our own lives.

Rev. Dr. Lauran Bethell

Global consultant, Ministries with Victims of Human Trafficking and Prostitution, International Ministries, ABC/USA; coordinator,International Christian Alliance on Prostitution (ICAP); and former director, New Life Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand


I finished reading this book several weeks ago and yet the message has haunted me almost every day since. Kimberly’s story of her many trials and triumphs in the Sudan is both heart-wrenching and inspiring. The book reads like the most adventurous, power-packed drama of all time … and yet it is true! I couldn’t put this book down.

Donna Schuller, C.N.C.

Pastor and author of A Legacy of Success and Women to Women Wisdom


From her camp in the desert Kimberly pulls back the canvas of her tent to show us the good, the bad and the ugly of our world today in Passport Through Darkness. She allows us to see into her ‘tent of meeting’ (Exodus 33:7) with God. The level of transparency and intimacy she reveals in her walk with God and her husband is encouraging, inspiring, motivating, and challenging. This book challenges Westerners about their contentment with insulated ‘secure’ lives—as we sit and sing our polite little songs in our pristine churches. How do we not stand up for our brothers and sisters thousands of miles away where human beings are treated without dignity—trafficked, bought, sold, and traded like animals.

Tomi Lee “T.L.” Grover, PhD

Anti-trafficking consultant and founder