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Kimberly Smith Highland
, Author & President of Make Way Partners speaks on the subjects of human trafficking, genocide, persecution, violence, corruption, missions, and how we each find our deepest joy when we discover—and live—the unique purpose we each have in this world.

When Kimberly speaks, she has two primary goals:

First, she seeks to be used in such a way to equip and empower Make Way Partners (MWP) to save many more orphans and widows from slave raiders, genocide, and other forms of oppression.

Second, MWP strives to accomplish this goal by educating and mobilizing the greater community. Thus, Kimberly shares in such a way as to help each and every person discover the unique purpose for their life, their powerful role in the world.


o Worship service pulpit (25-40 minutes, depending on topic)
o University/Seminary speaker
o Keynote speaker at various public events
o Plenary speaker and panelist in her areas of expertise: human trafficking, genocide, and orphan care
o Retreats and/or events for front-line caregivers

Finding a Life that Matters: Inspiring Individuals and Communities

Through Kimberly’s leadership through the Our Father’s Dream retreat and inspirational talks, Kimberly invites individuals to come to terms with how important each of our lives are and encourages each person to discover their unique purpose in this world.

Hearts on the Line: Encouraging Front Line Caregivers

Hearts on the Line
Every individual and family who takes up the command to care for the orphan will eventually face loss and discouragement on levels we never knew possible. In fact, at times, rather than draw us closer to God, these challenges may cause us to question His goodness and our calling. In Hearts on the Line, Kimberly will share just this sort of real-life loss and guide us through it, turning 180 – back to God’s heart for our lives.

Equipping and Educating on Orphan Care to the Unadoptable

The Unadoptable Orphan: How Do We Live Out the Biblical Mandate to “Protect the Fatherless” When Adoption is Not an Option?

Not all orphans are created equal. Millions are born into war zones and lawless lands where adoption is not an option. Invite Kimberly to lead an interactive and stimulating exploration of ways we can invite the unadoptable orphan into our heart, church life, and family’s living room.

For more information & to request Kimberly’s availability please contact us today:
E-mail: Shirley Walters, Executive Assistant to Kimberly Smith Highland at: shirleyw@makewaypartners.org
Phone: 205-240-8597

Please note when requesting dates: Kimberly’s book, Passport through Darkness: A True Story of Danger and Second Chances, is opening doors we never imagined, and Kimberly’s calendar typically stays booked a year in advance.